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"Winners never quit and quitters never win."

-- Vince Lombardi

Do yourself a favor and take advantage of our limited time offer to participate in ONE HOUR of training... ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Call us at 817.938.8888 for more information.

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Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee Screen Test The Green Hornet

Bruce Lee Interview Part 1

Bruce Lee Interview Part 2

Bruce Lee Interview Part 3

Bruce Lee Documentary Part 1

Bruce Lee Documentary Part 2

Bruce Lee Documentary Part 3

Bruce Lee Documentary Part 4

Bruce Lee Documentary Part 5

Bruce Lee Documentary Part 6

Real images with Bruce Lee training in Chi Sao with Taky Kimura & Taky Kimura talk about Bruce Lee...

Taky kimura talk about his offert from Bruce Lee to play in GAME OF DEATH. Rare images with Bruce Lee's first gym.

10 Minute Part From The A Warriors Journey Documentary About Bruce Lee's Life Of Martial Arts From When He Started Training With Yip Man To The Creation Of Jeet Kune Do. Contains Rare Footage And Pictures.

1964 - Log Beach, CA - Ed Parker's

1969 - On TV in Hong Kong

Jhoon Rhee Tournament Footage 1968

This is footage of Bruce Lee in a demonstration at Madison Square Garden. This was for a tournament organized by Henri Cho in 1967. The footage has been mirrored because the original footage was reversed. Evidence of this is Bruce fighting with a left-stance when he was a right-stanced fighter primarily.

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