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"Boxing is like jazz. The better it is, the less people appreciate it."

-- George Foreman

Do yourself a favor and take advantage of our limited time offer to participate in ONE HOUR of training... ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Call us at 817.938.8888 for more information.

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Christopher Ricketts

Bruce Ricketts demonstrates SAGASA KICKBOXING through pads with his dad

This is the longer version where Tony Diego and Tom Dy reenact the Filipino Juego de Escrima played in the old times. There were defined rules to be observed but swordplay was freeform and not choreographed. The stick and sword salutations declared that there must be no contact but several contacts were made so the referee intervened and stopped the game.,I must reiterate that this was just a reenactment, nobody actually lost his cool during the game. Mang Romy narrates.

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