What is Filipino Martial Arts?

Filipino Martial Arts collectively includes the various systems of martial arts that originate from the Phillippines. These unique systems allow each student to learn the application of sticks and edged weapons before the empty hand applications. If you are looking for a practical and exciting weapons and open hand combative martial art, look no further than FMA.

What benefits will I receive?

How fast can I progress?

Martial arts in general are not something that you will pick up in one or two easy lessons. To have a basic grasp of the fundamentals generally takes up to six months. Mastery of the arts, like mastery of ones self, is a life long path; however progression from a white belt to a black belt completely depends on the individual.

What are classes like and what will I learn?

Participants should arrive 10-15 minutes early to get ready for class and are encouraged to choose the classes which they are interested in. You will be assigned a training partner to work with for that class (or part of that class). Classes include curriculum / unarmed self-defense class, grappling class and weapons class. These classes include conditioning excercises, stretching, drills, partner drills and violent confrontation theory.

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