What is Integrated Submission Grappling (ISG)? Integrated Submission Grappling is a system that consists of sensitivity in flowing with positioning, escapes, take-downs, throws, lockups and ground fighting from Catch-As-Catch-Can, Shoot wrestling (Shooto), Russian Sombo, Filipino Dumog, Brazilian Jujitsu and Judo. For self-defense purposes this type of grappling could be enhanced with the use of pinching, biting and pressure points all the while utilizing elbows, knees and head-butts to weaken your opponent so leverage can be achieved.

Integrated Submission Grappling is very important to understand if you end up on the ground with a strong opponent. Size and strength is irrelevant due to the methods of training that develops proper technique and as long as it is constantly practiced. A useful and functional combination of grappling martial arts for law enforcement, bodyguards and correctional officers, bouncers, etc.

Integrated Submission Grappling is perfect for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and "No-Gi" competitions!

What benefits will I receive?

How fast can I progress?

Martial arts in general are not something that you will pick up in one or two easy lessons. To have a basic grasp of the fundamentals generally takes up to six months. Mastery of the arts, like mastery of ones self, is a life long path; however progression from a white belt to a black belt completely depends on the individual.

What are classes like and what will I learn?

Participants should arrive 10-15 minutes early to get ready for class and are encouraged to choose the classes which they are interested in. You will be assigned a training partner to work with for that class (or part of that class). Classes include curriculum / unarmed self-defense class, grappling class and weapons class. These classes include conditioning excercises, stretching, drills, partner drills and violent confrontation theory.

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