The most effective martial arts, combative arts and self-defense training in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex area.

Young or old, male or female - You WILL Benefit!

Confrontation is a very real day to day reality for each of us. At Fighting Method University we train a number of martial styles: Jeet Kune Do (JKD), Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) and Integrated Submission Grappling (ISG) to provide the most effective and practical self-defense possible. We include all aspects of modern conflict including knives, sticks, grappling, ground fighting, stand up and empty hand tactics.

Even when performed with flaws, under pressure, against superior numbers and larger opponents, the systems presented at Fighting Method University work and produces impressive results.

Come here to experience first hand the legacy left for us by the Larry Hartsell and Bruce Lee! Our curriculum honors both of these individuals and our instructor, Cory Smith, strives to preserve these arts by continue to teach in the same manner set forth by those before him.

Our training is used by police, military, law enforcement and personal bodyguards across North America.

Don't be a victim of violence - call and schedule an appointment today!