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"Everyone's a pacifist between wars. It's like being a vegetarian between meals."

-- Colman McCarthy

Do yourself a favor and take advantage of our limited time offer to participate in ONE HOUR of training... ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Call us at 817.938.8888 for more information.

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Roger Agbulos Hand Sparring

Mobility, intercepting strikes, high-and-low combos executed non-telegraphically are key components to a good strategy.

Carlo is very cautious and calculating. His tight strikes and good sense of timing, make him a formidable opponent. Note Roger's high-low strike combination and a barrage broken rhythm movement in the attack.

Guro Roger with L.A. Team

Largo mano style sparring, hit without getting hit... integrating good footwork in the movement.

We use a stick to represent real weapon, such as blade, machete or even baton. The idea ofthe drill is to be able to attack without getting hit... hence the importance of blocks, counter-strikes, feinting to set-up, distancing, footwork dynamics and broken rhythms.

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